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Dr. Bo Liu’s team has been studying molecular mechanisms of apoptosis and autophagy, identifying novel protein targets and designing novel small molecule compound and protein& peptide candidate drugs in cancer therapy.

State/National Key Laboratory of Biotherapy (SKLB) was established by the Ministry of Sciences and Technology in China in 2005, and became one of the National Research and Development (R&D) Platforms for Novel Drugs founded by the Ministries of Sciences and Technology as well as Public Health in September 2008. It is also supported by National Collaborative Innovation Program and became the National Collaborative Innovation Center for Biotherapy in April 2013. The Platform is located in the High Tech Zone of Chengdu and the Medical Campus of Sichuan University. The overall space is nearly 70,000 square meters and is still under intensive growth and construction. SKLB also has rich clinical resources of West China Hospital, which has 4,300 beds.

Dr. Bo Liu

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Dr. Liu reported for the first time that Polygonatum cyrtonema lectin (PCL) could induce apoptosis and autophagy via ROS-p38-p53 signaling, and also verified that PCL can target EGFR to regulate down-stream Ras-Raf and PI3KCI-Akt pathways to induce apoptosis and autophagy. In addition, he designed several apoptosis-small molecule and/or autophagy-modulating drugs that can target ERK-1, AMPK/ZIPK, eEF2K, ULK-1 and SIRT-3, which may provide a new clue for anti-cancer drugs of one-target, dual-target and even targeting the apoptotic and/or autophagic network in cancer.